What Do We Do?



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Programming for the Entire Family

In addition to a common-ground meeting spaces, we'll also be offering classes, workshops and events for the whole family!

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Resources for the Family

From curriculum to art supplies, we have a constant flow of resources pouring in and we'd love to cycle them through to the families who need them!

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Weekly Excursions

Each week we'll  head off to see some of the Bay Area's greatest sites! Whether you're into Slide Ranch, The Exploratorium or The Dump, we've got something for you!


Stop By for a Bit

Home Base isn't a childcare center, but we definitely understand the importance of unstructured play. Maybe you've got a kid that doesn't love classes, or maybe your little one needs some playtime in a familiar setting. Whatever it is, we've got you!

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A chance to connect

Whether we're heading out on a campout, having a family art day, or getting together for parent support meetings, we know that everything is easier (and more fun) when we take it on together.