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Julie SCHIFFMan, M.ED, Founder

Julie has over 25 years of experience working with children and families throughout her career from public schoolteacher to homeschool advocate.  An active member of her community, she is passionate about sharing the joy of living life without school and has helped scores of families make their transition into homeschooling.


Advisory Board


Jenessa Adams

 Jenessa is a nurse and homeschool mom. She uses her unique talents learned in nearly a decade in healthcare to create a nuturing learning environment dedicated to life learning and fostering a true curiosity of the world around us. She’s a strong activist in both women’s and LGBTQ+ rights. She feels it is every individuals right to pave their own educational journey. 


Ruth A. Blanding

Ruth is a long-time homeschooler and holistic wellness practitioner whose life and work is strongly rooted in the practices of her African, Chinese, and Native American ancestry. As a lifelong learner and educator, her goal is to support and inspire those with whom she works.  When not working, Ruth can be found writing, herb crafting, playing in the dirt, and enjoying life with her five sweet children.


Aaron Eden

Co-Founder of Eliad Group, Aaron has been transforming education since he hacked his own high school experience, and he’s been designing and facilitating novel learning experiences ever since.  After culminating his formal education with a Master’s in Instructional Science and Technology, he has since followed a path of innovation and transformation through multiple industries and all levels of education.


Teresa Gian

Teresa Gian, a long-time homeschooler and public school teacher brings her expertise navigating the world of Gifted/2e/Special Needs education. When she's not traveling the world with her family, she can be found dancing and playing in Northern California. También habla español.


Samantha Matalone Cook, MAT

Samantha is an active member, featured speaker, writer, educator, and advocate of the hacker/maker and home/unschooling communities, and has over 25 years of experience in education and program development.  Currently, Samantha is writing a book on Project Based Learning, consulting, and leading educator workshops.


Lori McKee Walker

Lori is the founder and Executive Director of Village Home in Portland, OR.   Village Home is a learning community that is built on choice and autonomy for learners, a model that allows each learner to pursue their interests as an individual while also participating in a family-friendly, community learning environment.


Amir Nathoo

Co-Founder and CEO of Outschool, Amir leads growth, trust and safety. He previously worked at Square founding the Square Payroll product. Before that he was CEO and co-founder of Trigger.io, having started his career at IBM. Amir holds an MEng from Cambridge.


Anita Pebbles

Anita's passion for community culture is evidenced by her work with Agile Learning Centers and the Playborhood she founded where she lives in Novato, California.  She currently works as a volunteer in Marin County as a video editor and photographer for Desire to Inspire Studios where she helps tell stories of people doing good in the world.


Kate Robinson

An international consultant in creativity and innovation in education at Nevergrey, Kate's expertise lies in raising the profile of inspiring initiatives, with a particular focus on startups, and building strong partnerships with purpose. Her passion lies in engaging youth voice, and through this work has been awarded for Outstanding Contribution to Education Empowerment.

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Amanda Sheeren

Amanda is a Mom, Maker and Mentor. With a degree in Psychology, Amanda has dedicated much of her time to helping others. She has worked with foster children, special needs children, and the elderly. Her passion is helping to give a voice to the forgotten members of society. She is currently working on a book calling for creative collaboration across disciplines.

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Jeremy Stuart

Born in London, England, Jeremy spent a decade as a professional drummer before moving to Los Angeles and beginning his career in film and television. After many years in the film industry he formed a production company, 3StoryFilms, where he directed, co-produced, and edited his first feature length documentary, Class Dismissed, which screened in 5 languages in more than 60 countries worldwide. He is now working on his second film, Self-Taught.


ÇagDas Tülek

Çağdaş is an engineer at Outschool who is passionate about education. He previously founded a teacher software startup, and was the first engineer at Udemy, taking on leadership roles. He holds a BS in Philosophy and has been developing software for over 15 years